NewThing North Africa & Middle East

Middle East and North Africa is comprised of 28 countries and territories that has hundreds of different language groups and over 700 million people.

Though geographically separate and diverse, this region is united by a shared history of repeated colonization and is mostly Muslim, though cultural practices vary widely. Ringed by the Mediterrean Sea on one side and extending from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean, this region is home to over 578 million people. Given its history, church growth is difficult but without exponential church growth, we will never reach the rapidly increasing population.

We help you create a movement of church planting churches across North Africa and the Middle East.

1. Schedule A Conversation

You’ll see how we’re different from traditional church planting networks and how you fit in with what God’s already doing.

2. Get the tools and methods you need.

We will equip you with everything you need to catalyze a movement of reproducing churches.

3. Make a bigger impact for the Kingdom.

With everything you need already in your hands, you’ll be able to reach more people and produce more disciples.

NewThing North Africa & Middle East has been serving the area since 2020.

NewThing is still searching for a person of peace who can help us connect to churches to help catalyze church growth in this region. If you are that person, or know that person, please contact us.

You have a dream. We can help you achieve it.

We’ll help you clarify your church planting dream, create a vivid vision, and then help you take steps to make it a reality.

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