Annual Report for 2020

The world might have gone crazy in 2020, but NewThing continued to change lives globally. We’ve compiled some of our best stories and videos to share the story of what God was up to in 2020 around the world. We hope you find encouragement, hope, and vision for 2021!

All thanks be to God!

(Check out this excerpt from our friend OlaDele Okuwobi and then download the report below )

In light of racial unrest and injustice seen globally, one could think the church is at an impasse between those who see racial justice as intrinsic to the gospel of the Kingdom of God and those who see it as ancillary. Still, as I read the scriptures, I find myself hopeful. Here’s why – because the church is an extension of our Lord, the head of the Church whose throne is established in righteousness and justice, I have confidence that the church will rise to model love and unity.

The body will inevitably follow the course of its head. Dysfunction can exist, for a time, where the body’s motions are disconnected, but ultimately for life and health, unity must return. If Christ stands for both justice and righteousness, ultimately, so must we to remain the body. 

Therefore, if actions or laws are enacted anywhere to justify the mistreatment of those who bear the image of God in black, indigenous, or other hued bodies, the church that is connected to its Head shall rise. It’s inevitable! This work is holy and foundational to our proclamation of the Gospel. 

I could not be prouder of the work of NewThing and our global partners in championing this cause. As we continue to uncover the realities of racial injustice, we resolve that the Spirit of God shall move within His connected church to bring the Full Gospel of The Kingdom of God to the ends of the earth. To that end, the church shall rise. 


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