How Collaboration Fuels Us

Stop trying to accomplish the Jesus mission alone! Too many of us in the church are tired, burned out, and overwhelmed by the challenges we face. 

We are better together. God did not intend you to do it all. In fact, he intended that his church would glorify him through their unity (John 17).

When we make the mental shift to radical collaboration with other churches, we honor God. When we make the commitment to collaborate with other churches, we give ourselves the opportunity to bear more fruit for the Kingdom and help other churches do the same. When the church collaborates, God wins, his church wins and we leaders have more fun. 

Today’s issues in the church are COMPLEX, which means we often don’t really know what the real problems are. The only way to identify the real problem is to identify PATTERNS. You can’t solve this on your own; you’ve got to solve it TOGETHER with others.

Let’s face it, church leaders are navigating more complexity.  In the past, we’ve tried to navigate those challenges alone. Most of us, as church leaders, have been trained to be “the expert.”  Then, we stepped into a social contact with many in our congregations that validated this paradigm, often detrimental to our spiritual and emotional state.  

We are surrounded by those who expect us to be that expert on virtually any situation or topic. Let’s face it, the elevation of the pastor as the head of the church is strangling the intelligence of most churches. It’s also an unbearable drain on your soul. We can’t and shouldn’t

The complex problems you are facing can’t be solved on your own; you’ve got to solve them TOGETHER with others.

What if we saw collaboration as a SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINE?  What if that’s exactly what the local church and God’s Kingdom needed today? What if we committed to radical collaboration for the Jesus Mission?


I want to invite you for a special 4 weeks ONLINE cohort, where we believe you will have no doubt how we can be BETTER TOGETHER.

During this cohort, you will… 

  • Obtain a new framework for how to collaborate with like-minded churches

  • Hear examples from Churches and leaders on the collaboration journey – of churches who are networked relationally and strategically

  • Learn how to cast vision to prayerfully spark a movement in your city, region, or country

  • Learn how to overcome the three barriers to collaboration

  • Receive tools to help you collaborate with other churches and leaders.

Our team at NewThing and our friends at Wavechanger are uniquely equipped to offer this cohort. We work with churches and leaders all over the world to help them achieve what they can’t do alone. You might say, we specialize in church to church collaboration and have learned what to do and what not to do. We want to share what we’ve learned with you.

This cohort starts on February 2. Sign up today:


Patrick O’Connell

Global Director | NewThing


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