Multiplying Impact? Dream bigger!


We all want growth.

We all want to have a greater impact.

We all want to maximize our influence.

We all have a dream.

Whether we want to have a larger church, a thriving student ministry, a mission-focused outreach strategy, or something else…we want to know that we started something that lasts, something that’s important. 

It starts with a dream. What’s your dream?

NewThing’s Lead Visionary and Lead Pastor of Community Christian Church, Dave Ferguson, wrote his dream on a napkin one day. Then he tucked it away in his journal, and didn’t look at it again for three years until, while sitting down for lunch, his friend Larry asked him about his dreams for his church. 

Dave puts it like this:

I actually didn’t know how to respond. So he pushed me a little harder. He persisted, ‘Dave if you could do anything with your church, what would you do?’

I thought about it for a minute and then I reached in my journal and pulled out that napkin I had drawn on three years before and laid it on the table. I answered, ‘If I could do anything, I would love to figure out a way to do this. How can we have churches that are constantly multiplying across the entire city of Chicago? So instead of expecting people to come to one location, we’d actually go to them.’

And I’ll never forget it. Larry looked me straight in the eye from across the table, like it was so obvious, and said, ‘Dave you can do this.’

That was the moment for me where someone affirmed my dream — the dream God had given me to create a movement of multiplying churches.
— Dave Ferguson

Dave had no idea that this napkin would change the whole trajectory of his life. His dream grew from reaching Chicagoland, to the United States, to reaching the rest of the world through movements of multiplying churches.

What is a multiplying church?

A multiplying church is a church that focuses on multiplication rather than addition! 

It is a church that takes its dream and multiplies it by 100 or 1000! 

It is a church that reproduces leadership at every level of ministry! 

It is a church whose dream goes beyond its own four walls!

Most church leaders think they can have the biggest impact by growing into the biggest church possible. The problem is, no matter how big you grow your church, your reach is still limited. Not only that, but you also limit the capacity through which God can leverage the power of your influence as a leader and work through other potential and capable leaders in your church. Unless our focus is outward, beyond ourselves and our church to a movement of multiplying churches, we’ll never truly have the greatest Kingdom impact.

All of this requires change. But let’s be honest, change is rarely painless. If your ministry is experiencing confusion about your next step, you’re not alone. These growing pains are not unfamiliar to many leaders. How do we get through these growing pains? More than that, how do we get through these growing pains and make sure we come out successful?

Too many dreams die or don’t reach their potential because of a lack of an actionable plan. Big dreams of impact require a vivid vision of what you’re going after and how you’re going to get there. Without a plan, without action steps, it remains just that…big dreams.

NewThing loves big dreams for big impact and part of our job is to come alongside leaders in their journey to becoming a multiplying church (and to make it as painless as possible!). That’s why we have Multiplying Church Practicum


Multiplying Church Practicum is a 6-month virtual learning community designed to get leaders from stuck to multiplying. Over the course of six months you’ll learn from sought-after practitioners like Dave Ferguson, Jon Ferguson, and Rob Wegner while you also connect with other influential leaders to sharpen and learn from one another. 

If you want to multiply, we want to help.

Sign up for the next round of Multiplying Church Practicum starting January 14th, 2020.

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