Catalyst Communities: Notes from Brazil

Two NewThing pastors from Echo Church in the Bay Area of California recently attended Catalyst Communities in Brazil in partnership with CTPI (Centro de Treinamento Para Plantadores de Igrejas) and wrote about their experiences. Here it is in their own words:


Renan Santos:

Last week my wife and I had a great opportunity to attend the NewThing event in Campinas, Brazil – our home country. Since we moved from Brazil more than 12 years ago, we have been constantly praying for Brazil, knowing that only Jesus could bring hope to our nation!

What we saw during the Catalyst Community was a beautiful picture of more than 60 pastors getting re-energized about equipping their churches to plant new churches. This three-day event – also happening in other regions of Brazil – showed us that something new and impressive is happening in Brazil. 

The combined efforts of NewThing – through the experience of Eric Metcalf and Colin Denlea – with the leadership of the local Pastor Ricardo Agreste and the , are promoting a movement that’s impacting the whole country of Brazil. This movement is challenging thousands of pastors from all over Brazil to work together, leaving differences behind and promoting the gospel of Jesus to the nation.  

The process used by NewThing is efficient and practical because churches could evaluate their present situation and decide what to stop doing to enable them to focus on new ways to accomplish their vision. The content is great and the sequence is logical. It helps churches complete a Strategic Plan that brings them a clear vision of a better future. 

I believe that God is orchestrating this partnership of NewThing with pastor Ricardo Agreste, which could result in a huge country revival. 


Jason Adams-Brown:

What an encouragement it was having a front row seat watching God work through NewThing in Niteroi, Brazil! Eric Metcalf and Colin Denlea have years of experience coaching Pastors and church planters. Many pastors came isolated and struggling, but left connected and encouraged.

A key takeaway for all the pastors was the issue of developing apprentices at every level of the church as they could see how this would develop more leaders and put into place a leadership pipeline that will increase the capacity of their church to grow and reproduce.

It was also such a thrill to see their vision grow as they could see how much more they can do together as a network. Together they have the resources, the experience, and the people.

Pastor Fabrini was an incredible host that not only made each of us feel welcomed, but his care for each participant was an inspiration to watch. NewThing was able to help them see the great things they were already doing and then make changes that would help them solidify their network and plant more churches.

One pastor shared honestly that he just wanted to know how to keep the doors of his church open. However by the end, he had a fresh vision and a simple plan to not only raise up more leaders and increase groups, but to multiply his church by planting another church in the next two years!

Personally it was helpful to see a number of things we could implement in our own church and network. I can’t wait to see what God will do in Rio and Niteroi over the next year as these pastors return to their churches and share their vision and implement their plans!


If you are interested in seeing or participating in a Catalyst Community, the first step is contacting Eric Metcalf, our Global Associate Director, to talk about what that could look like. To hear more about the awesome things Catalyst Communities ignite all over the world, read Eric’s blog from – months back – click here.

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