Launching The Movement System in North America

Attention Movement-Makers!

Did you know that NewThing offers a free, transferable, and scalable training system to help leaders, leaders like you, accelerate their journey toward becoming a Level Five Church at all points of reproduction: disciples, leaders, churches, networks, and movements?

Imagine if you were multiplying at all of these levels to the fourth generation on multiple strands (2 Timothy 2:2). That would be a genuine movement.

In the NewThing tribe, we believe every leader needs this type of equipping, along with a learning community of peers –  what we like to call a network – to pursue the God-sized dream of unity (John 17).    

That’s why we created the Movement System. We want to update you today on the rollout of the Movement System in the North America Region. In later updates, we will share stories of how the Movement System is rolling out in other regions of the world. 

Recently Jeff Duerler, Senior Pastor of LifeSpring Community Church, and his team participated in the Reproducing Disciples Catalyst, one of the five training Catalysts in the Movement System. 

The Reproducing Disciples Catalyst has been catalytic for me – I’m up at night thinking and dreaming, and there is a constant flow of thoughts and ideas. The focus on personal application and responding to the Spirit is so needed with leaders who are prone to jump to teach stuff without actually living it. I so appreciate how the Reproducing Disciples Catalyst doesn’t say “This is the right” or “only” or even “best way” but rather “Here are the first principles/practices and some road-tested examples for you to evaluate for your context.” Also, having guys like Josh Howard (Central Asia Regional Director of NewThing) who are immersed in a disciple-making movement is fantastic.  Our team came out of the RDC with greater unity and passion. Thank you!

-Jeff Duerler | LifeSpring Community Church, Cincinnati

What is the Movement System?

The Movement System is a strategic training system to help churches and networks reproduce at critical points of multiplication while collaborating with other churches to plant new churches with the goal of Gospel Saturation. The Movement System exists to help leaders accelerate their journey toward being a Level Five Church at all points of reproduction: disciples, leaders, churches, networks, and movements. We are offering this free of cost as an investment in potential movement-makers like you.

What is a Movement System Catalyst?

The NewThing Movement System consists of 5 Catalysts, or training huddles, each designed to help you and your team reproduce at the five critical points of multiplication. The five points of multiplication are: 

  • Disciples (Reproducing Disciples Catalyst) | Matthew 28:18-20
  • Leaders (Reproducing Leaders Catalyst) | Timothy 2:2
  • Churches (Reproducing Churches Catalyst) | Acts 1:8, 2:42-47
  • Networks (Reproducing Networks Catalyst) | John 17:20-24
  • Movements (Reproducing Movements Catalyst) | Revelation 7:9-10, Revelation 21

In a Catalyst, you are introduced to key frameworks, tools, and assessments to create an Action Learning Plan that is both personal and organizational. You and your team will experience Spirit-led personal and organizational change. As you continue to travel through the Movement System, we help you reproduce the church at all levels, and become a movement-maker.

A Catalyst is made up of…

Eight Sessions Over Two Months:  Long enough to start and begin to develop new practices and patterns, but not too long. It won’t feel like, “I’m in school for a whole semester!” 

A Reverse-Classroom:  You get all the transformational content in a user friendly online course. You will be guided into both personal application and movemental application. Assessments, journaling exercises, and practices are built into the courses. *It’s about 2 hours worth of engagement (online course plus reading assignments) each week If you’re not willing to make that investment, please pass on this opportunity (Luke 14:25-34).

Weekly Coaching Huddles:  Since all the content is delivered in the course, the huddle times can be focused on coaching, support, and accountability. You will experience what we are training you to do with others. *We limit the size of the cohorts to five or six teams to keep the size around 20 participants or less, so it can be the right social space for high accountability/high support/high challenge. If you don’t want high accountability/high support/high challenge, please pass on this opportunity (Hebrews 10:25). 

After the Catalyst: We help you stay supported and challenged by connecting you with either a local network or virtual network of like-minded leaders committed to reproduction and Gospel Saturation.

How does the Movement System work?

Pick a point of multiplication you want to develop in your church and/or network

Disciples, Leaders, Churches, Networks, or Movements. Where do you need to focus your prayers and initiative today? All movements begin with and are sustained by reproducing disciples, so consider beginning there. However, you can choose whatever Catalyst you want, and in any order. 

Sign up for that Catalyst!

Registration is OPEN for the Reproducing Disciples Catalyst, Reproducing Leaders Catalyst, and Reproducing Networks Catalyst. Go to for dates and registration.

All five Catalysts will be available in January of 2023. 

We want to help you focus on the BIG DREAM the Spirit is giving you and work with you to focus it into a vivid vision at that point of multiplication.

Did I mention that these are freeWe want to invest in you and then ask you to do the same in your city by considering starting or joining a network, or taking others through a Catalyst yourself! The Movement System is designed to be reproduced by those who have been through it. Make the journey through a Catalyst, begin applying what you’ve learned, and you’re ready to reproduce this with your staff, a network of churches in your city, or within your denomination. We will be here to support you. 

Are you ready to level up as a Movement-Maker?   

First of all, begin in prayer right now. Ask the Lord to guide you regarding the Movement System. Here’s three options for your next step.

Attend The Movement System Webinar with Dave Ferguson on July 25 at 12:00pm CDT.

Learn more about the Movement System and have all your questions answered. Register today for free here:

Reach out now by contacting us.

Can’t make the webinar? Reach out to us by filling out this contact form and someone from our team will contact your shortly.

Sign up for a Catalyst.

Think you have enough info to get started? Go to and sign up for the Catalyst that’s right for you!

I have been to many great conferences and have been part of other great disciple making programs.  The Movement System is something different. If you want to truly reproduce disciples, leaders, churches, networks and movements, then this is for you. I have never seen anything like this before. It actually works! If you are ready, then sign up today, bring your team and be prepared to engage the journey of multiplying at every level.

-Mike Wiggin | CityLife Church, Indianapolis

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