Reproducing Churches from Nigeria to Kenya

When we met Pastor Nuel Manufor, Lead Pastor of CovenantLight Church in Nigeria, he had recently left his role as a Senior Pastor of a thriving megachurch as he sensed God calling him to start and lead a movement of church-planting churches. However, because of the contemporary church systems, he was familiar with, it was a challenge for him to make progress with what he felt God had called him to do. There were questions of “How do we do this?”, “What will we be doing?”, “How will we know that we are doing the right thing?”

While contemplating these questions, Pastor Nuel came across NewThing. A few months later, CovenantLight and nine other churches stepped into a NewThing training designed for giving birth to a network of churches. Within six months, his ministry planted 4 churches together. Less than nine months after that, they launched 6 additional churches in Nigeria – 10 new churches in 15 months. 

Pastor Nuel further sensed a call to reach beyond Nigeria. With this in mind, he left Nigeria for Kenya in the hopes of practicing the principles he had learned from the NewThing training in a city where he did not have any prior experience. Within the span of four months, he had reached hundreds of people and had raised about 40 committed disciples with whom he started a church in Nairobi, Kenya. As of today, the church in Kenya has planted another church within the city. This means Pastor Nuel and his team catalyzed two churches within just a year since the start of the work in a new city. This proves that the principles taught by NewThing can work anywhere.  

CovenantLight has continued to focus on reproducing disciples and has also created a “farm system” of church planters who are being developed to plant new churches. They have a dream to train and deploy over 100 church planters who will start their churches within the next year.

It’s relationships like this between NewThing and Movement Makers around the world where we have seen incredible growth in the kingdom of God. By God’s grace, we have been able to come alongside hundreds of leaders like Pastor Nuel to see thousands of churches planted – which ultimately means more disciples being made. 

The ability to have Regional Catalyst Teams, like the one in Sub-Saharan Africa, to provide training and relationships with leaders in every region around the world is one of NewThing’s big dreams for the next five years.

Will you GO TOGETHER with us to make that dream a reality?

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