Reproducing Networks Catalyst

For just over a decade NewThing has stayed relentlessly focused on catalyzing movements of reproducing churches. We believe the most effective way to start and sustain those movements is through the leadership of a local church; a local church that collaborates with other local churches. This happens best within a Network. What is a Network? 

A Network is a small group for pastors of like-minded churches that hold each other accountable to the 4Rs of NewThing:

  • Relationships
  • Reproducing
  • Residents
  • Resources

These Networks are led by an apostolic, Kingdom-over-Castle kind of leader. They are a pastor of a church that is also relentlessly dedicated to catalyzing movements of reproducing churches in their region. What does NewThing do with leaders like this? We come alongside them to help start and sustain their Network. We inspire, train, and equip, much like you would at the local church level if you had leaders of groups or teams, because:

“What small groups are to churches, networks are to movements.”-Sam Stephens, India Gospel League

It’s through these simple relational networks, that we begin to see Jesus’ prayer in John 17 come to life “that all of them may be one.” Networks lead us closer and closer to a Great Collaboration among churches. Jesus desires that we should desire this, and the world needs us to desire it even more. 

Since October of 2020, we have inspired, trained, and equipped hundreds of leaders in Western Europe, Latin America, North America, Oceania, and in June 2021, we will train leaders in Eastern Europe and the Philippines. 

A recent Reproducing Networks Catalyst with Albanian leaders.

Through 7 sessions of Inspiration, Information, & Implementation, we come alongside these leaders to help them start and sustain new Networks that prayerfully catalyze movements of reproducing churches. 

Maybe you have similar dreams. We want to help. Contact us to learn more about our Reproducing Networks Catalyst at

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